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Please include your postcode and an image of the item needing repair or restoration.


 I aim to reply within 48 hours. If you have not received a response in this time please check your spam/junk email


I can provide an approximate price for a "standard service" so you can determine if you would like to move ahead with a full assessment. 


A "standard service" does not denote tiers of repair service such as gold, silver, bronze level of work. A mechanical timepiece needs to be free of dust, dirt, lint and grime with fresh and appropriate viscosity lubrication to function properly. So a "standard" service means returning your item to this condition. Without maintaining this general condition, dust and dirt creates additional friction within the parts and can act like a mild abrasive causing damage and wear.


Due to the variety of repairs I undertake, 99% of which are antique mechanical mechanisms which have sustained decades (or centuries) of activity, it's not uncommon for additional repair work to be required. Antique items age and wear in ways as unique as their own story meaning it's necessary that I assess each item in person to give you an honest and full breakdown of the work that's required to make it function properly and an associated price.



Items can be brought to my workshop near Kidlington, Oxfordshire by pre-arranged appointment or posted.


         Collection and delivery can be arranged with a charge calculated by round trip time and mileage (approximately £25 per hour + 50 pence per mile)

£25 minimum charge

*Customers based in Kidlington, Begbroke, Yarnton and Cassington are exempt from this charge*